Mold forces second family from home in Kelowna

KELOWNA–Last week Global Okanagan reported that they were forced out of their rented home in Hiawatha Mobile Home Park because of mold. Every second home in the very same trailer park has also found to be contaminated by mold.

The property management company that manages the park has warned Menc not to go into the home without wearing respiratory protection and impervious coveralls.

The property management company, Westcorp, has yet not offered alternative accommodation. Westcorp is the same company slated to build a multi-million dollar hotel project in Kelowna’s downtown core.

In a statement, the company reported -

“We take the health and safety of our tenants seriously and to ensure that there are no other such incidences in the Park we have engaged a third party consultant to conduct assessments on other mobile homes where current or past water leaks could present a concern related to mould. We have notified all residents of the Park and anticipate these inspections will be undertaken the week of February 22.

We are working as expeditiously as possible to deal with the issues for the two residents where mould has been confirmed to be present within their home and are hopeful we will be able to conclude a resolution within the week. All information is with our insurers and we are awaiting instructions as to next steps. Through the course of this process, it has come to our attention that neither tenant, despite it being a condition of their lease, is in possession of insurance so Westcorp is looking into assisting them.”

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