• Mold in home – How big a health problem is it?

    In most of the countries, December to February is the coldest and dampest months of the year. During these months moisture and humidity can lead to anything to dampen. And unfortunately, this in turn can lead to dangerous and hazardous health issues. One of the very common problems that the human body gets caught with during these cold and moist month is Mold. Indoor mold growth is a most common problem that most of the people face during the winter months. Walls, clothes, books, toys and even CDs - nothing is sacred when it comes to mold growth. Its seemingly insid...

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  • Mold forces second family from home in Kelowna

    KELOWNA–Last week Global Okanagan reported that they were forced out of their rented home in Hiawatha Mobile Home Park because of mold. Every second home in the very same trailer park has also found to be contaminated by mold. The property management company that manages the park has warned Menc not to go into the home without wearing respiratory protection and impervious coveralls. The property management company, Westcorp, has yet not offered alternative accommodation. Westcorp is the same company slated to build a multi-million dollar hotel project in Kelow...

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  • Apartment with a mold problem

    Mold is a health hazard that happened in the New York city. As stated by a resident in the New York City,it was causing the girl to have problems. Even if she had no symptoms, the landlord would still be responsible for remediation. “It is a hygienic problem,” said Sonali Bose, a pulmonologist and assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “It’s like having roaches in your apartment. You might never have a problem living with roaches, but why take that risk?” But landlords can be dismissive. “Because it is often unseen, or airborne, ma...

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