Why Is Air Quality Testing NYC Important?

It is a false belief that all air pollutions are outside your house and as long as you remain inside you are safe. This is when you might find out how dangerous your indoors are, as polluted as outside. There are various types of air pollutions inside your house that may vary from area to area, house to house and even room to room. Air quality testing NYC will deliver accurate information above radon, rodents and other various air pollutants that are stopping you from having a healthier environment inside your house for an easy breathable space.

Causes Of Various Indoor Air Pollutions:
There is not a single cause behind indoor air pollutions, those pollutants do occur from the outside. After barging in they start to cause serious breathing problems. Some of the common sources are recognized to be insects, pets, construction materials and also some consumer products. If your house has a poor ventilation system than the level of danger arises to a high level. Also in winter or fall when the weather is cold, shutting windows and doors to keep rooms warm prick their ill nature more.

Different Air Pollutants:

Air quality testing NYC helps in detecting some of the common air pollutants roaming inside your house are:

  • Particles of gas and combustion: Gas particles are surely on top of the list. There are many sources of gas particles and combustion like stoves, fireplace, heater and also while someone smokes. The pollutants that appear during these combustions are NO2 or Nitrogen dioxide, CO or Carbon monoxide etc.
  • Radon and Asbestos: Radon is basically colorless gas that doesn’t have any specific odor to them. This particular particle is responsible for 21,000 deaths each year in the United States suffering from lung cancer. The source of this particle is soli that have a small amount of decaying uranium. Asbestos also occurs in soli like radon but it affects largely when it gets inside the house. It also causes lung cancer, or lung scarring etc when breathed in.
  • VOCs: The full form of this VOC is Volatile Organic Compounds that are included in various types of consumer products like paints, glues from where you can smell a gas coming out of them. Sometimes they cause nausea, headaches and even damage brain cells to cause cancer.
  • Mold: This is a definite cause of air pollution that occurs in damp areas first. They take advantage of the humidity of that area and then start spreading. Basements, bathrooms are some common sources of mold and mildew.

Importance Of Air Quality Testing:
An unhealthy environment can affect your health almost instantly. There are different types of illness caused by the polluted air inside your house. Indoor air pollution can cause headaches to allergies, nausea, asthma and other respiratory illness, lung cancer, heart diseases and other serious conditions.
It is always advisable that you maintain a healthy life and for than staying away from air pollution both inside and outside is important. Air quality testing NYC is fighting back the disadvantage of air pollution which is inside in your house to help you breathe better.

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