What Should You Do During The Mold Removal Procedure?

Mold removal can be an extreme and complicating task. The slightest mistake can ruin your efforts and mold will reappear. If it is about common bathroom mold then removing the spores are easy. Proper bathroom ventilation will keep those mold spores from returning after they have been removed, however, when handling drywall molds or mold in HVAC system, you need to be careful. If the affected area is more than ten square feet then it is wise to call professional mold removal companies.

You and your family members may suffer from respiratory problems and allergies due to a dangerous toxin released by the molds. In those cases, Environmental Protection Agency has strictly suggested requiring professional mold remediation for your safety.

What To Do Before Mold Removal?

If you have decided to remove mold by yourself then it is wise to follow some rules. Some slight mistake can cause those mold spores to reappear.

1. Location of the mold in your house is important. Mold spores may not always be visible but can have a musty odor. It is wise to consult with a professional mold removal company for a thorough test. You can do those tests by yourself also but there is no guarantee of the accuracy in these kits. Check for damp areas and areas not properly ventilated especially. If you smell any musty odors, then test them also. There are some specific areas to check for mold to appear like, under a carpet, behind walls, above the tiles on the ceiling, some coverings of the room and also in the air conditioning ducts.
2. You need to prepare yourself for the task. You must have some mold-killing solution for weakening the molds first. Heavy plastic sheets and tapes to shut your room off from the rest of the house are necessary because after agitating those molds, they will spread spores in the air. After removing the affected area you must dispose of them with a heavy plastic bag. You must have a water spray bottle, a scrub brush for cleaning the area and a product that will help in encapsulating the mold.
3. Protection against those molds is very important. Try to wear an N-95 face mask, covers for your hair and shoes, gloves and clothes that you will dispose of later.

What Will You Do During Mold Removal?

The next stage is starting the process of mold removal. Following a guideline by mold removal Staten Island NY will help you in this case:

1. You need to shut the affected room properly to prevent the spores to flow in the air. Cover the windows and the doors with heavy plastic sheet and tapes. Make sure the room has a negative pressure that will help the air to flow inside and that way preventing the mold to spread spores. You can create the negative pressure by a high-performance shop vac.
2. If you think the mold affected area is impossible to clean then it should be removed after spraying some mold-killing solutions to them. That will minimize the risk of spores spreading in the room.
3. Cleaning the non-porous areas or materials is easier. You can apply solutions to them and remove the molds by scrubbing. If those materials or areas are neither fully cleaned nor removed then encapsulating them is necessary.

It is always advisable for people who have large mold affected areas in their house to call professional mold removal Staten Island NY. That way the problem is solved from the root and there is zero risk on your part.

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