What Not To Do When You Find Mold In Your Home

Mold spores can grow in any moist area and can continue to reproduce. If you can see visible mold in your home, you immediately need to know what to do.

Visible mold:

This is when you have visible, greenish, grayish or at times even black patches of mold you can see around your home. The most usual places where you can find mold are basements, kitchens, bathroom tiles, ceilings, behind walls, and under carpets etc. When you have visible mold, you can skip the inspection and initial testing process and go directly to remediation. Calling a professional mold Removal Company is the first thing to do.

Mold you can’t find but can smell:

This is the dangerous kind, the one that needs mold inspection and initial testing. Mold has a distinct musty smell and causes allergies and other health effects. If you are smelling mold or mildew but you can’t locate any spores, you need an immediate mold inspection and mold testing of your home.

We all know mold can be a grave health danger and it needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. No one is immune from catching any of the illness caused by mold, children and adults alike. Don’t sit back and think it happens to others but never to me, that’s not true, everyone is at risk.

Mold spores are naturally occurring everywhere, inside and outside, so every household is basically at the risk of getting a mold infestation. A little bit of negligence and the mold spore sitting on certain surfaces can get the needed moisture and humidity and thus grow. No household or business is exempt from mold growth.

What not to do when you find mold in your home?

  • Don’t go poking it or touching it without a thought: There are high chances that household mold is always toxic, there are a few times it isn’t toxic. Elevated mold can cause harm upon exposure. You shouldn’t approach a mold spore without any safety gears as special equipment is needed such as gloves, medical masks, and in special cases respirators as well.
  • Don’t just leave it: One very unflattering tendency of a human being is that, they tend to neglect and just ‘’leave’’ things, but mold spores should not be left. Mold spores multiply fast, so just because you see a small patch doesn’t mean there aren’t more mold spores present. The area needs to be thoroughly inspected. Also improved ventilation and the fixing of any water leaks in the house can stop the mold infestation after the remediation is done.

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