Three reasons why people mostly get mold in their basements and what you can do about it

Nobody is thrilled to have mold in their home, it is in no way a good thing. Not only your home smells musty and unpleasant, you also get allergies and other related health issues. Everyone’s first reaction when they spot mold is to get rid of it. But, there are right ways and wrong ways of going about that. The right way would be to call professionals and the wrong way would be to get a mop, bucket and a soap and try to scrape it off yourself.

The big question is why you more often find mold in your basement. It’s pretty simple and is based on simple mold facts. Below are three facts about mold that will help you understand why mold gets mostly in your basement:

1. Mold likes poorly ventilated places: According to experts, mold grows mostly in poorly ventilated areas where there is little or no air flow and thus the area remains warmer. That helps in condensation and thus mold growth. Apart from dressers and cabinets, the basement is one of the poorly ventilated areas in a household.

2. Condensation happens when water saturates the air to a point it cannot hold moisture further. When you don’t have proper ventilation the steam generated in the household can accumulate in a basement and condense causing mold growth.

3. Water leakage is the main source of mold growing in basements. There are chances that any outer source of moisture can creep into your basement, whether it is due to heavy rain or water flow outside. Not just that, as the basement is situated at the bottom of your house any liquid leakage directly settles down, whether it is from outside or leaks inside your home. With water in a damp place like a basement, a bit of humidity will spur mold growth like nothing else.

What can you do to get rid of mold in the basement?

1. First, we all know it is that prevention is better than cure. Keep your basement, and your whole home, properly ventilated. Keep a look out for any water leakage and keep checking on your

2. However, as city homes are often tightly packed, there’s not always a lot of room from air to travel. So, even with a lot of precautions, mold might sometimes occur, in your basement or to any other parts of your home.

What to do in that case?

1. Locate the moisture source first and try to control it, at least temporarily till help arrives. If you find large patches of mold, then do not go near it and immediately call for professional mold inspection services who offer services in your area. Professionals use safety gears while working with mold, you going near the mold can have major effects on your health.

2. If the professional mold removal service providers recommend a thorough mold inspection, it means your home is heavily infected, so you might have inconveniences at home for a few days, prepare likewise. Once mold treatment is successful, make sure to follow all precautions to keep these situations away in future!

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