Mold Removal Tips For The Property Owner

Almost every household has the problem of molds. Molds are of different types and sizes. There are small infestations and then there are big, large molds that can be more troublesome. Once a mold is identified, you obviously look for solutions that can help you in the removal of these molds. Molds and infestations can be dangerous to both your house and your health. Before the mold in your house gets out of hands, here are some of the mold removal tips that you should begin with:

Look for possible leakages and fix them:  

Plumbing leaks are one of the major reasons of molds. Usually, the molds that occur near pipelines and plumbing fixtures are owing to the leakage of water from these lines. The leak might not be too noticeable but it can cause a serious damage to your house and health in form of mold. To solve this problem, identify where the pipes are leaked from. Turn on water in full pressure and analyze closely. Once you identify the leak, fix it with a rubber pipe tape.

Use of Bleach:

Cleaning solutions like bleach, borax, baking soda and ammonia are all good for removal of molds. The most effective out of all these is bleach. Prepare a solution of bleach with water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the space affected by mold. Let it dry there for about a couple of hours. Then try cleaning the area with a sponge.

Use of Ammonia:

Ammonia, just like bleach, is highly reactive. It can be used on molds in the form a solution. Mix it with water and spray on the mold affected area. After a couple of hours, remove it with a hard tower or sponge.

Cutting of large parts of mold:

Molds, if ignored, can actually grow to horrific large sizes. Such molds become extremely dangerous for the environment. In such cases, the above-mentioned tips do not affect the mold much. Hence, such molds need to be cut down first to a size where bleach or any other solution can work on it.  To cut a mold, you can use a proper stone cutter or a fine big knife. However, this process can be extremely risky and dangerous with respect to your health. Hence, we highly discourage you for such extreme cleaning step yourself. But in case you do, it is recommended to take serious precautions like wearing gloves, boots, head, and body covering.

Hire Professionals

Removal of large molds as well as smaller ones can be a hassle and dangerous for your health. Hence, it is always a better and safer choice to reach out to mold removal specialists and get molds in your house removed by them. These specialists have proper solutions and tools for different sizes of molds. This way, their process is safer and the chances of mold coming back are least. They have a proper mold removal process which also includes extensive rinse in the end. This way, they make sure your house is clean of any remains once the removal process is completed.

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