How much does mold inspection cost in the U.S?

Generally speaking, mold inspection is when somebody looks for signs of mold or visible patches of mold in a building. Mold inspection is a practice that is performed by a certified mold specialist who not only looks for signs of mold and its visible presence but also investigates the matter, finds its source and its effect as well

However, if your home smells musty, the air feels heavier, you are having allergies non-stop and there’s a relevant dampness about your home, you are quite far into the mold infestation and a professional is a must. If you have suspicions regarding the presence of mold but still can’t track its whereabouts or what amount is present or how long, you need to immediately call a professional to inspect the situation and to suggest an efficient removal approach.

So, how much do mold inspection and remediation cost in the U.S? Cost for mold inspections usually range from $300 to $500 depending on a few factors like your property size, however, the cost can vary anywhere from $1000 to $10,000.

What are the factors that influence mold inspection cost?

Mold inspection and remediation cost depend on various things,

1. The longer you wait to get mold removed from your home, the more time, resources, energy and manpower it takes to get the job done.

2. Among various factors that impact mold inspection cost, the area span of your property is the number one. While an area less than 100 sq.ft, according to EPA, can be handled by the owners, however, even in such an area mold presence can be at a high level and in many parts, so professionals should be called. If the area is bigger than 100 sq. ft then you need to only rely on professionals.

3. The basic principle of labor applies when charging for mold inspection, the more area that needs to be covered the more money a mold inspector will charge. What a mold inspector does is collects samples from different parts in your home where mold is found and identifies and differentiates between the types and weighs the severity of the effect as well.

4. All this helps in coming to you with the right mold removal approach.

5. When a mold inspector has to access hard to reach places then the price can increase a bit, also some providers charge per hour while other charge based on specific services, like one mold removal company can charge differently for visual inspections and air or surface sampling. So, before you hire someone for mold inspection you need to talk about all the prospects thoroughly.

Is the cost of mold removal separate from mold inspection?

Yes, it usually is. However, at times it also depends on the Mold removal company’ and its pricing policies as well. There are a few factors that influence mold removal costs. Apart from fees for mold removal, there might be other expenses caused by mold, like replacement of structural materials because mold has completely destroyed walls, plasterboard or other materials, so mold removal in early stages can save you quite a bit of money. Besides, if you proceed on to do mold removal yourself, the cost of safety gears other necessary equipment will make the project unbearably expensive for you.

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