How can you remove mold from your household?

Before actually trying to remove mold from your household you need at least a basic understanding of what Mold is a type of fungus that grows in moist, damp, dark areas that are poorly ventilated and are a major household nuisance.

Mold can adversely affect your health and in cases of severe exposure can destroy a building. It can be something that devalues your property when you want to sell.

How do you remove mold from your household?

  • The sanest thing to do is call a reliable mold removal company in your area.
  • If it is a very small amount that has not recurred, you might try to remove it yourself depending what level of mold you have present. If the mold is visible and spread in less than 10 sq ft of area, then you can use standardized mold removal process to clean it off yourself

Stage 1: Mold inspection

  • Mold inspection is basically looking for signs of mold or visible mold patches in your home. In case mold patches cant’ be seen but you have a musty odor all over your home and there are allergic symptoms like coughing sneezing etc, you need a professional mold inspector.

Stage 2: Mold testing

  • Again, in case of visible mold under 10 sq. ft in a less than 100 sq ft area as a whole, you don’t need professional mold testing, says the EPA. However, once you’ve had a situation where you have had to hire a professional mold inspector, whether or not you need mold testing will be finalized by him/her as well.
  • Mold testing means taking air and surface samples of mold. And, it is necessary in very few cases only.

Stage 3: Mold remediation

Mold remediation is basically a process of bringing down the level of mold spores to a naturally healthy level. Complete eradication of mold spores in the air, indoor or outdoor, isn’t scientifically possible, professionals bring down the level of mold spores to a level that is not dangerous. Mold remediation will identify the cause and type of mold and the best approach for removal.

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