DIY Mold Removal Or Hire A Professional?


DIY anything sounds so good and looks like it would save you lot of money, doesn’t it? In case of mold removal that is present in a small amount, DIY mold removal is ideal. However, in case of severe mold it is not the right solution.

Let’s see how and when you can use DIY mold removal techniques:

When you have a less than a 10 sq.ft area of mold that is non-toxic kind, you can proceed to take care of it on your own. Soap, elbow grease and water can help you get rid of regular non-toxic mold that has not spread. If the mold is stubborn, make a solution of 1:9 bleach to water and spray it in the mold area to wipe after a while.

But, this can be a tedious job. You have better things to do than go looking for spores and moisture issues and trying to fix it all. Therefore, prevention is needed. Condensation can foster mold growth, so always open a window or run your bathroom fan after hot shower. Make sure to dry tiles surrounding the used sink including the sink itself after washing dishes or using water. Your basement is one of the most mold prone areas in your household, so remember to periodically dry and clean them. Here are some of the major causes of mold in household:

  1. Bathrooms that have poor ventilation, tile grout lines and shower ceilings especially.
  2. Mudroom sinks and kitchen area
  3. Thresholds of exterior doors
  4. Sump pumps and basement near hot water heaters

Professional mold removal services

When you have mold larger than 10 sq. ft, you need a professional to handle it. Black mold is one of the most commonly toxic mold found in households. How to tell if you can get rid of mold yourself or need a professional? It’s not that hard!

Mold is not something pleasant or something you want to foster in your home. The image of reproducing spores on walls, counters and wood trim makes you cringe. But, that’s not all. Mold can actually be very harmful to your health as well, and not just because of allergies, it causes chronic lung issues overtime as well. And when the mold is a big one, you have a musty smell and unpleasant air in your home, you need professional mold removal services!

You can either hire specialists or a mold removal company to take care of mold. When you hire a mold remediation services from a company you have more exerts that can solve your mold problem, you also get better quality of work and immediate remediation services, that usually takes a team to perform. In case of severe mold infestation, hiring remediation services from a company rather than a specialist comes quite beneficial.

However, certain states compulsorily require hiring of different company/specialist for inspection and different for remediation, in some, it is your choice. Make sure you are hiring certified, insured and credible professional mold removal services above anything else.


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